Camp Edwards – Bates Community Development Corporation Partnership

Jefferson County Public Schools and Bates Community Development Corporation announce a partnership to provide additional academic support and enrichment opportunities to students in K-12TH through the Kingdom Academy Academic and Enrichment Learning Hub at the Camp Edwards Education Complex located at 701 South Hancock Street.

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New Healthy Home, Healthy Community campaign launches with a focus on childhood lead poisoning prevention

Bates Community Development Corporation has partnered with Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness has partnered with IDEAS xLab to launch the Healthy Home, Healthy Community campaign to create awareness of childhood lead poisoning prevention.

The campaign consists of billboards and digital ads displayed in Smoketown and west Louisville that feature families from those areas who also share what a healthy home and a healthy community mean to them. The campaign is a continuation of One Poem at a Time, a project started by IDEAS xLab in 2017, that had already replaced 22 billboards in Smoketown with photos and poetry created with community members.

Childhood Lead Poisoning in Louisville

There is no safe level of lead exposure. Lead exposure has been repeatedly linked to long-term cognitive impairment, behavioral problems and even problems with balance and hearing. The CDC states that a blood lead level of 5 micrograms per deciliter (5 µg/dL) or higher is a level of concern in children. In Louisville, an estimated 1,413 children under 6 years old have blood lead levels that are 5 µg/dL or higher. The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program interacts with the community and medical providers to provide education and guidance on prevention, screening, and follow-up actions for monitoring blood lead levels. Additionally, they work closely with Lead Safe Louisville to connect qualifying families to home remediation services.

Focus of Healthy Home, Healthy Community

“COVID-19 has amplified existing housing inequalities – disproportionately impacting Black, People of Color, and low-income communities in certain ZIP codes – including Smoketown and west Louisville,” said Dr. Sarah Moyer, Director of the Department of Public Health and Wellness and Chief Health Strategist. “With environmental conditions like lead in peeling paint, dust and soil, it’s hard to be #HealthyAtHome when your home can possibly be harmful to your health.”

“Working with the community to craft the messaging behind this campaign focused on healthy homes and lead poisoning prevention was a top priority for our collaboration,” stated Gabriell Gassaway who supervises the Childhood Lead Prevention Program for the Department of Public Health and Wellness.

“We have seen the positive impact this approach can have when community members are the ones shaping the messages in their environment,” said Josh Miller and Hannah Drake of IDEAS xLab. “The Bates CDC Summer Camp students participated in taking photos, in writing, in creating art, all focused on what a healthy home and healthy community mean to them and their families.”  

“This opportunity for Bates Community Development Corporation to be a partner has been a game-changer for our youth. They had a chance to show their natural beauty and creativity in a world that has covered it up for 400 plus years,” said Nachand Hyde Trabue, Executive Director at Bates CDC. 

“A healthy Louisville is a lead-free Louisville,” said Dr. Monica Unseld, campaign advisor. “Our families and our neighbors can be unwillingly exposed to lead in our homes, our soil and in the products we purchase every day. We cannot allow lead exposure to steal our health and our futures.” 

To view the billboard series and learn more about Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and lead remediation resources visit:  

Healthy Home Campaign

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Employee Spotlight: Cassie Bell

Kingdom Academy Site Captain Cassie Bell is dedicated to helping our students learn new skills and set goals for the future. Bates CDC is proud that Cassie is a member of our team!

Our employee spotlights aim to showcase our team members and how they make a lasting impact at Bates CDC.

Check back often as we feature more of our amazing employees.

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Stretch out with Chair Yoga

Join yoga instructor Karen McKnight as she will help you to reduce stress and strengthen your muscles during her virtual classes. Please register to learn how you can become happier and healthier. See our flyer for more details!

Chair Yoga
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Employee Spotlight: Deloris Fenwick

Program Assistant Deloris Fenwick is passionate about her role at Bates CDC. Deloris is not just an employee, but she is part of our family. 

Our employee spotlights aim to showcase our team members and how they make a lasting impact at Bates CDC.

Check back often as we add more spotlights.

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‘We’re Doing Our Part to Help the Community’

For some residents in the Smoketown area, Bates CDC is their only resource for a healthy meal. Thanks to the OneLouisville COVID-19 Relief Fund, Bates CDC is among the many frontline nonprofits that will continue to assist children, adults, families, and homeless populations.

“People tell us that they have lost their jobs, their homes, their apartments, their cars, and we want to be able to help them the best way that we can and that’s through nutritional meals,” said Executive Director Nachand Hyde Trabue.

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Bates CDC and YouthBuild Host Virtual and In-person Smoketown Youth Summer Camp

LOUISVILLE, KY — Bates Community Development Corporation (CDC) Kingdom Academy has partnered with YouthBuild to kick off Smoketown Youth Summer Camp (virtual and in-person) for grades 1st through 8th from June 22 through July 31 at the YouthBuild campus, 800 S. Preston St. The camp features academic enrichment, weekly STEAM art and science kits, and online instruction. Admission is free.

To minimize health risks during the week, students also use Chromebooks to access classwork and engage in virtual meetings with their instructors. The camp takes campers on virtual field trips including Bernheim Forest, Muhammad Ali Museum, Speed Art Museum, and other exciting destinations.

“We are thrilled to join forces with YouthBuild to give our Kingdom Academy students more opportunities to expand their worldview,” said Bates CDC’s Executive Director, Nachand Hyde Trabue. “Our students are learning essential skills in math, arts, science, history, and wellness that will help them to make a successful transition into the fall school year.”  

YouthBuild President and CEO, Lynn Rippy couldn’t agree more. “Our partnership with Bates CDC opens up more ways we can get involved in our community and help children to learn and grow in a safe environment here on our campus,” she said. “It’s fulfilling to see our campers’ smiling faces and ‘aha’ moments throughout the learning process.” 

For more information about the Smoketown Youth Summer Camp, please call Executive Director, Nachand Hyde Trabue at Bates CDC, (502) 636-0573.

About Bates Community Development Corporation (Bates CDC)

The Bates Community Development Corporation (Bates CDC) provides programs and services essential for continued social, economic, and community prosperity in Louisville’s historic Smoketown neighborhood. Bates CDC’s mission is to promote the whole family, combat community blight and deterioration, and contribute to community advancement. For more information, please visit

About YouthBuild Louisville

YouthBuild Louisville is an education, job training, and leadership program that provides low-income young adults ages 18-24 opportunities to realize their potential as active community leaders and an educated workforce for Louisville. Its mission is to champion young adults to be great citizens who build productive lives, families, and sustainable communities. For more information, please visit

Smoketown Summer Youth Camp
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