Camp Edwards – Bates Community Development Corporation Partnership

Jefferson County Public Schools and Bates Community Development Corporation announce a partnership to provide additional academic support and enrichment opportunities to students in K-12TH through the Kingdom Academy Academic and Enrichment Learning Hub at the Camp Edwards Education Complex located at 701 South Hancock Street.

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New Healthy Home, Healthy Community campaign launches with a focus on childhood lead poisoning prevention

Bates Community Development Corporation has partnered with Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness has partnered with IDEAS xLab to launch the Healthy Home, Healthy Community campaign to create awareness of childhood lead poisoning prevention.

The campaign consists of billboards and digital ads displayed in Smoketown and west Louisville that feature families from those areas who also share what a healthy home and a healthy community mean to them. The campaign is a continuation of One Poem at a Time, a project started by IDEAS xLab in 2017, that had already replaced 22 billboards in Smoketown with photos and poetry created with community members.

Childhood Lead Poisoning in Louisville

There is no safe level of lead exposure. Lead exposure has been repeatedly linked to long-term cognitive impairment, behavioral problems and even problems with balance and hearing. The CDC states that a blood lead level of 5 micrograms per deciliter (5 µg/dL) or higher is a level of concern in children. In Louisville, an estimated 1,413 children under 6 years old have blood lead levels that are 5 µg/dL or higher. The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program interacts with the community and medical providers to provide education and guidance on prevention, screening, and follow-up actions for monitoring blood lead levels. Additionally, they work closely with Lead Safe Louisville to connect qualifying families to home remediation services.

Focus of Healthy Home, Healthy Community

“COVID-19 has amplified existing housing inequalities – disproportionately impacting Black, People of Color, and low-income communities in certain ZIP codes – including Smoketown and west Louisville,” said Dr. Sarah Moyer, Director of the Department of Public Health and Wellness and Chief Health Strategist. “With environmental conditions like lead in peeling paint, dust and soil, it’s hard to be #HealthyAtHome when your home can possibly be harmful to your health.”

“Working with the community to craft the messaging behind this campaign focused on healthy homes and lead poisoning prevention was a top priority for our collaboration,” stated Gabriell Gassaway who supervises the Childhood Lead Prevention Program for the Department of Public Health and Wellness.

“We have seen the positive impact this approach can have when community members are the ones shaping the messages in their environment,” said Josh Miller and Hannah Drake of IDEAS xLab. “The Bates CDC Summer Camp students participated in taking photos, in writing, in creating art, all focused on what a healthy home and healthy community mean to them and their families.”  

“This opportunity for Bates Community Development Corporation to be a partner has been a game-changer for our youth. They had a chance to show their natural beauty and creativity in a world that has covered it up for 400 plus years,” said Nachand Hyde Trabue, Executive Director at Bates CDC. 

“A healthy Louisville is a lead-free Louisville,” said Dr. Monica Unseld, campaign advisor. “Our families and our neighbors can be unwillingly exposed to lead in our homes, our soil and in the products we purchase every day. We cannot allow lead exposure to steal our health and our futures.” 

To view the billboard series and learn more about Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and lead remediation resources visit:  

Healthy Home Campaign

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Employee Spotlight: Cassie Bell

Kingdom Academy Site Captain Cassie Bell is dedicated to helping our students learn new skills and set goals for the future. Bates CDC is proud that Cassie is a member of our team!

Our employee spotlights aim to showcase our team members and how they make a lasting impact at Bates CDC.

Check back often as we feature more of our amazing employees.

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Financial Literacy Services

Vita Tax Prep Services
The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program is an initiative sponsored by the Internal Revenue Service. The program offers free tax assistance to low-income individuals, persons with disabilities and limited English-speaking taxpayers. Bates CDC has approximately ten IRS-certified volunteers who provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to hundreds of qualified individuals each year during tax season. For more information, call 502-693-0832.

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Sons of Issachar Academy

Sons of Issachar Academy is designed specifically for males at potential risk of academic underachievement. The primary goals are for each student to improve scholastic achievement, improve character development, improve school attendance, and improve family & community relationships. Students are instructed and mentored by qualified staff. Students are supported in personal development. Students are in a safe and positive environment.

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Kingdom Academy

Kingdom Academy Enrichment Programs
The Kingdom Academy Enrichment Programs are student centered educational enrichment program targeting underrepresented and socioeconomically disadvantaged youth grades K-8. The Kingdom Academy’s core principles are: scholarship, community & service, social engagement, cultural identity & appreciation for diversity, economic sustainability and character & integrity; all of which are integral to responsible citizenship. The program design encompasses small group and one-on-one instruction, STEM programming and social/soft skills development. Attention is given to intellectual/cognitive growth, social/emotional learning and self-discovery. The curriculum includes common core educational skills development, community service projects, offsite enrichment activities and college and career exploration.

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Kingdom Academy After-School Program
Kingdom Academy After-School Program is offered during the school year to students in grades K-8. The after school program focuses on homework help with daily classroom lessons and tutoring, STEM enrichment activities and leadership development. Educators provide academic support. College interns serve as mentors and facilitators of activities that promote leadership and character development. Weekly learning experiences incorporate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), history, current events, and social sciences. A light snack will be provided daily. Program hours are Monday through Thursday from 3:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m.

Kingdom Academy Summer Enrichment Program
Kingdom Academy Summer Program is a six week program implementing for students entering grades 1-8 for the upcoming school year. The summer program offers stimulating educational and cultural enrichment activities and employs a curriculum to address summer learning loss particularly in reading and math. Students build character and gain leadership skills through reading, writing, public speaking, listening and self-expression. They also learn mindfulness techniques to assist them with focus and combating internal and external factors that can deter youth from the learning experience. Each week has specific themed lessons that integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and college/career exploration.

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Healthy Hearts

The Healthy Hearts initiative provides information and services to the community at large concerning health issues. Blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol screenings are held quarterly and during special events and workshops. Materials regarding preventative health education and awareness are made available to event participants. In addition to weekly fitness classes, sessions and workshops centered around health, wellness, and healthy living are offered to adults, seniors, and children. First aid and CPR training is held annually along with an annual blood drive. Check the events calendar for any and all upcoming events such as:

  • Aerobics classes
  • Zumba classes
  • Lord’s Temple Yoga classes
  • Health Screenings
  • First Aid/CPR Training
  • February Heart Month &
    Heart of the Matter Weekend

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