We believe in a bright future for Smoketown

The Bates Community Development Corporation knows that financial security and stability is the foundation of a strong community.  We focus on the economic viability of Smoketown by promoting the revitalization of the neighborhood, supporting low-to-moderate income and underserved families, and providing economic empowerment programs that address building individual income and wealth. We collaborate with organizations such as YouthBuild Louisville, IDEAS Xlabs, Smoketown Family Wellness Center, Smoketown Neighborhood Association, and Kentuckians for the Commonwealth on a number of programs and initiatives. When you support the Bates CDC Economic Empowerment core pillar, you help provide:

Affordable Tax Preparation Resources

By offering residents access to tax preparation services more Smoketown families are able to maximize their income.

Adult Financial Literacy Classes

A foundation of knowledge around finances is a necessity in modern adult life. Providing classes and support helps the residents of Smoketown find financial self sufficiency.

After School Career Readiness Programming

Through career exploration, job shadowing and quality after school care, the children of Smoketown are encouraged to work hard and dream big.

Job Training

Collaboration with strategic community partnerships allows BCDC to offer assistance on the journey to professional success and satisfaction.

Interested in opportunities within the neighborhood?