Marita A. Willis is Louisville, Kentucky, where she studied at the University of Louisville. Professionally, Marita began her banking career as a teller at the Bank of Louisville.  She quickly moved through the field of banking and acquired numerous experiences in lending, developing expertise to catapult her into the government and corporate financial service industry.

Marita joined PNC Bank in August 2002 as Vice President of Community Development.  As a Community Consultant, her primary responsibility was to aid in transforming low to moderate-income neighborhoods through education and financial resources. After leaving the banking industry, Marita worked at the Community Ventures Corporation, a non-profit, as President of eHome America; a suite of online financial education products that offer affordable financial education to thousands of customers across the globe.

Marita worked as a Philanthropy Officer at the American Red Cross for three years. She is currently the Chief Empowerment Office at Hope Collaborative Inc., a non-profit agency that serves distressed communities through various programs.  She is distinguished personally and professionally with her relentless efforts, giving of her time and energy, while working to empower youth and improve community relations and services.

Marita serves on the boards of various organizations. She is the 2019 Chair of the Kentucky Derby Festival, Louisville Water Company Foundation, Housing Partnership Inc., Kentucky Youth Advocates, Norton Healthcare Children’s Foundation, Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) and an ambassador for Churchill Downs.

Marita is married to Robert E. Willis. Together, they had two children (deceased): daughter Ra’Tonya, son, RaShaan, and two grand guys – Noa’Sosa & Nehemiah Friedman.

Marita’s words of wisdom:  Circumstances may thrust us into life situations that require strength to see them through. Drawing from that inner-strength reservoir, even when we don’t think we have the strength, will empower us to overcome those obstacles.

Circumstances + Strength = Power

Don’t be overcome by circumstances, draw from that inner strength, and be empowered!