We are shaping the foundation of a thriving community

The Bates Community Development Corporation believes that in order to build a better tomorrow you have to start at home. When you support the vision of the BCDC Community Development core pillar, you support efforts to:

Redevelop Neighborhood Housing

The creation of stable, accessible housing options ensure every resident of Smoketown has the opportunity to live in safe and comfortable homes.

Update & Beautify Community Infrastructure

Vibrant, inviting public spaces do so much - increase foot traffic to local businesses, decrease crime, and create places for gathering and celebration.

Create an Enhanced Sense of Place

Established through a connection to the shared history, experience and heritage of a community, an authentic Sense of Place is critical to meaningful development.

Work Toward Thoughtful Economic Development

Ensuring business attraction and expansion efforts are aligned with community goals and visions leads to sustained growth and progress.

Map & Maintain Critical Community Assets

You don’t know what you need until you know what you have. Creating and maintaining community asset maps is foundational to smart community development.

Interested in helping us make an impact in the community?